Brunch at Le DeliCorner, Brixton

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Let me start by saying (yelling) – go for brunch at this place!

From the outside it doesn’t look much but inside it’s cosy, friendly, surprising and well thought through.

To get there, walk up Brixton Hill and turn left onto Upper Tulse Hill – you can do as I did and pretend like you’ve walked off your breakfast before you’ve eaten anything. Go you! And on the way back, stop at Pott’s Antiques to make it an authentic brunch day.

It’s refreshing to see a breakfast/brunch menu that doesn’t rely on eggs, bacon and sausages. Le DeliCorner has put together a thoughtful menu which offers something out of the ordinary for a local South London deli. The breakfast menu has lots of choice and a wealth of freshly made pastries if you’re looking for something smaller. We went for ‘Swedish’ and ‘Italian’:

Swedish – 2 slices of rye bread with smoked salmon & lemon-chive cream cheese, 2 slices of cereal bread with egg mayo

Italian – 2 slices of bread with roast peppers, serrano ham & parmesan, 2 slices of bread with pesto, avocado, tomatoes and mozzarella

Le DeliCorner 3

Le DeliCorner 2

Firstly, the bread used throughout is divine (even the usually-dry-rye). It’s delicious by it’s own right, but each slice is also perfectly paired with the topping. Clearly, a lot of thought has gone into this menu. The rest of the ingredients are great quality too – the smoked salmon is soft and luxurious, the mozzarella is rich and creamy and the avocado is lovely and buttery. They’ve even nailed the art of the tomatoes arriving at room temperature, rather than the usual straight-from-the-fridge sort you usually get in a small place like this.

Correlatively, the coffee is great and they serve lots of different teapigs tea.

Food aside, the presentation is a delight. They’ve thrown together mis-matched crockery and cups and saucers and have exposed the wooden wall structure, connecting customers with behind-the-scenes, making you feel right at home. The staff are a real friendly bunch, too.

There’s really nothing I’d change about this place. It’s a true hidden gem.

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