Review : Valhalla, Brixton

Also featured on the Brixton Blog.

Valhalla has an understated exterior – simple black paint with a solitary Danish flag painted on its frontage. It’s a small venue with a handful of tables and chairs inside and a couple more outside.

Uniquely, this restaurant doesn’t have a website, a Facebook page or even a Twitter account. And there’s something I really like about that. They weren’t short of customers so it doesn’t seem like they need to change their tactics anytime soon.

Their menu is extensive and offers a huge range of breakfast options, lunch and desserts. As well as featuring a number of Danish specialties, Valhalla also takes a lot of influence from its European neighbours with German sausage and Italian focaccia featuring heavily on the menu.

I must say, Danish meatballs are something I’ve only ever eaten at Ikea. So when I saw them on the menu of course I had to get them.

I could not have expected in a million years that it would look so pretty (thanks Ikea!). But it was a real masterpiece. Served on black slate, the rye bread was topped with a rainbow of pickled cabbage, gherkins, crispy onions, spinach and of course those mighty meatballs. And the flavours didn’t disappoint. The meatballs themselves were delicious and kicked my Ikea memories to the kerb. The rye bread was a triumph too – a far cry from the dry-rye you can often find yourself with. The offering as a whole has been very well thought through and creatively assembled.

Full plate

As it’s only a tiny kitchen, this menu is much more about clever combinations and carefully sought out suppliers than master chef skills. The meatballs, along with more of what’s on offer at Valhalla, are sourced from 101 ScandiKitchen in Marylebone.

I’m really impressed by the way Valhalla has interpreted European produce to create an interesting and generous menu. My delicious meatballs set me back a mere £5.50.

If you do happen to go check out Valhalla, my top tip would be to get a cinnamon roll to go to enjoy with a cup of tea later in the day!

Cinnamon roll

Valhalla is only open on Saturdays and Sundays, Market Row, Brixton


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