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As I’ve said before, I get pretty excited these days at the prospect of a non-eggs-and-bacon-centric breakfast. So I was more than happy to head along to brünch, which promised to delight guests with a long, lazy, Berlin style get-together.

This is a proper pop-up which uses under-utilised spaces to host a truly unique gathering. Founder and host for the day, the totally charming Noemi Dulischewski, takes pride in finding the best spots to compliment her thought-filled events. This time we were at The Nines in Peckham – an open and bright, yet basic space near Peckham Rye station. The brickwork and industrial windows, not to mention access from round the back of the Bussey building, give it a temporary pop-up feel, and make it all the more special. Noemi herself is a great host – friendly, knowledgable and passionate about brünch. She recently left her nine-to-five job in the city to pursue her career as a foodie, and I admire that a lot. Her want for making this a success is infectious, as is her smile.

The electro house soundtrack to the morning was provided by Moody Pat, who captured the feeling of brünch just right and you could see him magically lifting a few hangovers from the night before. I was sat there thinking – this is exactly how I imagine Berlin.

Noemi aspires for her brunch to bring people together and for it to be a truly sociable thing. To that end, place settings are around large picnic-style tables so that everyone is able to talk, laugh and enjoy the food together. It really works.

First up on the menü was the amaranth and chia granola with vanilla quark. Noemi is really excited about quark and I get why. I, normally a carbs and meat kinda gal, loved it. I’d go as far as to say it was my favourite thing. It looked pretty too, topped with pumpkin seeds, flaked almonds and pomegranate jewels. The quark is gorgeously sweet and the texture is so creamy.


As I was enjoying my quark, Noemi offered me a Club-Mate. She’s worked hard to find a stockist of this Berlin drink and I’m glad she has! According to Noemi it’s made from an old South African jungle plant with the strength of coffee and the health benefits of tea. She also stocks other drinks such as Fritz-Kola, a selection of German and local beers and bottomless tea and coffee.


Served at the same time as the quark was a large plate filled with all sorts. The selection of cheeses included a cumin gouda, a somerset brie and a mature cheddar. My gouda had been left out a little too long and had started to harden but the softer bits were flavoursome. The brie stood out as my favourite and I devoured that with the peppered salami.


Another of my favourite things about this brunch was the fleischsalat – a mixture of german bologna meat, pickles and mayonnaise. Having barely stepped foot into Germany, I wasn’t familiar with it. But it’s a great little side dish and having been inspired by brünch, I hope to try it out myself soon. Similarly new and delicious was the kräuterquark – a herby cured cheese.

Accompanying this huge plate of food, I should tell you, is a big box of sourdough bread, sourced from Brick House Bread. This stuff is good, especially topped with my new finds mentioned above. Finishing off this course was a smokey mackerel pate and eggs with remoulade. Oh and of course, the cute Kinder.



I was already pretty full, but I wasn’t done. Visually, you might say the pièce de résistance, was the buckwheat waffles. These guys looked awesome and tasted good. This is a fun plate to share at the end a wonderful experience. Though personally, I’d add another glug of melted Nutella.


It’s safe to say the £25 I had initially thought was a little steep, is entirely worth it. As well as delicious, plentiful and undiscovered food, you’ll also find yourself in a wonderful and friendly atmosphere surrounded by lovely people with great beats to boot. And you’re likely to learn a thing or two about German food and drink whilst you’re at it.

Noemi is busy planning the next dates and venues for brünch – be sure to watch her website and Twitter for more information and get your tickets booked sharpish.

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    If you missed out my last Berlin brünch at The NINES In Peckham, here a little insight from Nikki who is also a Food critic for @Brixtonblog and @Brixton_Bugle. Thanks so much Nikki for coming


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