Beautiful basics: Carrots

Between June and August in the UK is when we can pick up the slightly sweeter new season crop, but we’re lucky enough to be able to grow this reliable staple almost all year round.

Just look at them 😍


It would be easy, I think, to have been put off carrots growing up in the UK – school dinner ladies love nothing more than boiling them to within an inch of their life and serving them straight up, without even a sprinkle of salt or butter. I was certainly stuck in that mindset until they started reappearing on trendy menus and my eyes were opened to all the different ways you can use these natural beauties.

Aside from being versatile, textural and delicious, they also look awesome. The bright colour, the elegant shape and the wild leaves draw me in every time. Plus, they help you see in the dark.

Here are my favourite 4 ways to eat this beautiful basic:

  1. Carrot, white bean and coriander salad by My Darling Lemon and Thyme
  2. Carrot and pistachio cake by Sarah Randall
  3. Spice-crusted carrots with harissa yoghurt by Bon Appetit
  4. Carrot, sweet potato and feta fritters by Delicious Magazine

I’m always looking out for interesting, creative and new ways to use veggies – if you have a favourite carrot recipe, please let me know in the comments below.



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